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Did Kalonzo Get Raw Deal In NASA Lineup?

The jury is still out on whether Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka secured a raw deal in the NASA pact signed last week.

This has been of concern in Ukambani after NASA deposited its agreement at the Registrar of Political Parties, for the first time making the deal, complete with newfangled Cabinet portfolios, public. …read more…

NASA’s 3D Printed Rocket Parts Actually Work

“…I mean, the thing actually works. What a world we live in…” – original author


Today, NASA tested a 3D printed turbopump, one that was put together with 45% fewer parts than pumps made any other way. This obviously saves time and money, but come on…NASA is slowly 3D printing an entire freaking rocket. That’s cool.

NASA referred to the rocket turbopump as “one of the most complex, 3D printed rocket engine parts ever made.” It went through about 15 different tests to simulate the kind of force and environment 35,000 of rocket thrust would cause. Its turbine generates 2,000 horsepower, roughly twice the horsepower of a NASCAR engine.

I mean, the thing actually works. What a world we live in.

For NASA, 3D printing is becoming the key for its future space craft designs, as deputy manager of Marshall’s Propulsion System Department, Mary Beth Kolebl explained:

By testing this fuel pump and other rocket parts made with additive manufacturing, NASA aims to drive…

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NASA Snaps The Mother Of All Earth Selfies

“…The goal is to share a photo a day, once NASA streamlines the photo-taking process…” – original author


NASA is doing some really amazing stuff lately, including extremely in-depth and vivid photography (in case you missed it, check out its recent Pluto fly-by).

This particular photo, which I feel like is the mother of all Earth photos, was taken from its DSCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory) Satellite from over a million miles away.

Here it is. The entire sunlit side of the Earth and it’s absolutely breathtaking (go check it out in its full resolution glory here):


The photo was taken by a camera appropriately called EPIC (Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera), which sports a 4 megapixel CCD camera and telescope. Ain’t it pretty?


The goal is to share a photo a day, once NASA streamlines the photo-taking process.

Here are more details from the recent photo shoot from space:

The image was taken July 6, 2015, showing North and Central America. The central turquoise areas…

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Challenges Of The Final Frontier

“…Perhaps the greatest challenge of all is overcoming the speed limit of matter…” – original author


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Like many kids in my generation, I grew up with Star Trek. I’d watch the original series in re-runs and then the Next Generation in college. I found their take on space exploration fascinating and wondered if we would ever be able to explore the galaxy like Captain Kirk. In reality, space is one of the harshest environments that we as humans can face. Since we’re used to our oxygen-rich, solar-powered, radiation-shielded, one-g Earth, in order to explore the cold vacuum of outer space, we need a tremendous amount of ingenuity and determination.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems we face with actual manned space travel and see how movie and TV makers solved them compared to real life.


Space debris is a problem the International Space Station (ISS), shuttles and satellites have had to deal with on more than one occasion. NASA has strategies and procedures in…

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