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Where Are The Cheap Loans For Young Farmers?

“There are no favourable loans to undertake agriculture. What are available are commercial loans disguised as agricultural loans. They don’t put into consideration the risks involved in farming – climate change, seasons, possibility of bad harvest, …read more…


Spurring Investments And Innovation In Agriculture

The federal government is often criticized by Silicon Valley for being outdated and slow to react to cutting-edge technologies. But the U.S. Department of..

Source: Spurring Investments And Innovation In Agriculture

After Water

An incredible write-up. I loved the illustrations too. Decided to finally settle down for this caption, which I quote: “…We could pray for rain, or to be delivered from our own folly. Or we could reconsider our priorities…” – original author. What a summing up! So, so, true!


Susie Cagle | Longreads | June 2015 | 21 minutes (5,160 words)

The sun was going down in East Porterville, California, diffusing gold through a thick and creamy fog, as Donna Johnson pulled into the parking lot in front of the Family Dollar.


Since the valley started running dry, this has become Johnson’s favorite store. The responsibilities were getting overwhelming for the 70-year-old: doctors visits and scans for a shoulder she injured while lifting too-heavy cases of water; a trip to the mechanic to fix the truck door busted by an overeager film crew; a stop at the bank to deposit another generous check that’s still not enough to cover the costs of everything she gives away; a million other small tasks and expenses. But at the Family Dollar she was singularly focused, in her element.

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