This Disk In Your Pants Tells you to Sit Up And Breathe Into Your Belly


Breathing and sitting up straight are two elements that engineer duo Andre Persidsky and Alex Ahlund believe are key to getting a handle on stress and wellbeing. The two life-long meditators and serial entrepreneurs came together to create Prana, a patent-pending clip-on disk that monitors how your posture affects your breath throughout the day.

According to Prana, there is a vast difference between breathing through your belly and chest breathing. The way you sit affects which way you are most likely pulling air into your lungs. Persidsky says this affects everything from back problems to overall stress levels. “Think about when stress is elevated. You are sitting in your office with a million things to do, you slump down, you start with short, shallow breaths. You need to sit up and breath in a way to counteract that,” he says.
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He may be on to something. The Journal of…

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Prenetics Raises $2.65M To Bring Safe, Accurate DNA-Based Prenatal Testing To Asia


You don’t often hear of five-year-old companies raising multi-million dollar seed rounds, but that’s exactly what’s happened in Hong Kong today where biotech firm Prenetics closed $2.65 million for its next-generation prenatal DNA testing.

Prenetics has also got itself a new CEO: Danny Yeung, who led Groupon’s East Asia business until April of this year. Yeung, who is not drawing a salary and participated in the round in a personal capacity, helped bring other investors to the tablet, including 500 Startups, SXE Ventures (a fund Yeung co-founded this year), Groupon’s APAC lead Joel Neoh, and Singapore’s Coent Venture Partners.

The company began as a research department at City University Hong Kong before it was spun off in 2009. It offers a range of DNA-based services, but today it officially launched ‘Prenetics V’, a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) that uses DNA to test for 16 different health conditions in a fetus.

Offering Peace…

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MOCAheart Makes Keeping Track Of Your Heart’s Vital Signs Easy


MOCAheart wants to make keeping track of your cardiovascular health as easy as pressing a button.

The device, which is currently on Kickstarter, was developed by a team led by Naama Stauber and Dr. Daniel Hong, who was a physician at National Taiwan University Hospital, one of the country’s top teaching hospitals, before becoming an entrepreneur. The two met while attending the Design for Service Innovation Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, which focuses on developing new software and hardware for healthcare.

To use MOCAheart, you place your index fingers on top of the device and wait a few seconds for your health data to show up on the connected app.


The lightweight but sturdy MOCAheart, which I saw demoed at MOCA’s Taipei office, contains several sensors within its stainless steel and plastic case. Two are light sensors: one red light and one infrared sensor that measure…

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We Bleed. We Get Old. Deal With It.

“Some of their faces are as weathered as the leather bags but Louis Vuitton has signed another ageing rocker to star in an ad campaign. According to Women’s Wear Daily, David Bowie will be the face of the fashion house’s L’Invitation au Voyage campaign alongside young model Arizona Muse…This fits with the trend of fashion houses using ageing rockers to flog their clothes…” by Shelly Horton, Chief Columnist, Life & Style

Volvo Diaries

I haven’t got a television. Not for any high and mighty ‘I’m so much better than you and will further my mind without the aid of popular culture’ reasons, but because our television broke a few years ago when we moved house and we never got around to fixing it.

We do still watch things on the laptop but most of what we watch is something that we’ve particularly chosen to watch, it’s never just on. That makes a huge difference.

One of the good things about this is that we never have to sit through adverts, but this weekend we watched something with ads in and I must have a low tolerance after not seeing any for so long, because I was ranting after the first two.

Ads don’t seem to have changed much They’re still telling us how rubbish we are, that we need to be younger, thinner…

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My Eyes!!!


Be Good or Be Good At It!

Leave it up to me to go 10 years without buying an updated pair of eyeglasses. Part of it is due to my characteristic frugality (spelled cheapness), I decided to wait until I held the sad, broken remains of my eyeglasses in my hand.
Now being effectively blind without my spectacles (how old does that sound?), I have the vision of a T-Rex, based entirely on movement (sounds great until I found out T-Rex actually had pretty good vision), and desperately needed to get a replacement pair.
Rather than bothering anyone, I decided that I. Could easily drive myself to the store without any problems. It’s amazing going through the experience where road signs look like blurry green drawings of leprechauns waving in my general directions.
What surprised me was just how much a pair of glasses cost nowadays. Sure, you can go with the cheap frames and think you…

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