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Kenya Losing Billions In Mining Cases

Endless mining court cases and unnecessary disputes are denying county and national governments billions of shillings in revenue.

Mining Cabinet Secretary Dan Kazungu noted the two levels of government and Coast residents were losing huge amounts of money from idle mines following prolonged court cases that had dragged on for years…read more…


Operation Linda Boni Extended Indefinitely, As 36 Are Arrested

Eight months on, security officials have declared the Boni Forest operation a success. But they are tightening border protection following the emergence of IS in Somailia

Some 36 al Shabaab members have been arrested in the Operation Linda Boni. It enters its eighth month today. The Boni Forest security operation was extended indefinitely yesterday. It was launched on September 11 last year to flush out al Shabaab terrorists launching attacks from their hideouts in the forest…read more…

How Devolution Has Improved Health In Lamu

With Sh400 million allocated to improve health facilities in Lamu, patients no longer have to travel to Malindi and Mombasa.

King Fahd Hospital, the county referral hospital, stands out as the model in the rehabilitation programme undertaken by the county government two years ago…read more…

President Uhuru Kenyatta Yet To Solve Historical Land Injustices At The Coast

The indigenous communities point to the 1960s and early 1970s mass settlement of migrant tribes in Mpeketoni, Lamu and the influx of “land grabbers” in other parts of the Coast as historical injustices perpetuated by past regimes…Read more…

Coast Senators Form Caucus Similar To MPs’

Senators from Coast region have formed their own outfit – the Coast Senate Group.

The group was formed a few weeks before Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro was removed as Coast Parliamentary Group chairman.

The senators said they were not happy with Mung’aro’s stewardship, accusing him of cutting them off from matters affecting the region.

The senators’ group comprises nine members, with Taita Taveta’s Dan Mwazo as chairman and Mombasa’s Hassan Omar secretary.

Others are Lamu’s Abu Chiaba, Tana River’s Hassan Bule,…Read more…

KSh200 Million Kitty For Terror-Prone Lamu And Tana River

The government has allocated a Sh200 million Special Purpose Grant kitty to strengthen access to emergency medical services in terror-prone Lamu and Tana River counties.

The allocation means that residents will now access improved healthcare if Parliament adopts the 2016-17 Division of Revenue Bill, tabled in the House yesterday.

Each county will receive Sh100 million to reinforce the capacity of two major referral hospitals – Hola and Lamu – to provide emergency medical care for critically-injured patients.

Read more…

Kenya: Is It That Coast Leaders Don’t Know Or They Just Don’t Get It

Poverty, drug abuse, a broken education system and a generally flawed and defeated mindset seem to have been accepted as the norm at the coast. I wonder whether coastal leaders are aware of and appreciate the fact that unity is the ultimate key to solving these perennial problems facing the region. Perhaps they just don’t get it. See more at: