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Joy As 691 Kibera Residents Receive Keys To New Houses

There was joy and jostling as 691 tenants transited from their hovels in Kibera to posh houses in an adjacent estate.

It was a momentous occasion – just like in the film “12 Years a Slave” featuring Kenyan-born Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o, freedom had come at long last for the residents who …Read more…


Kemri To Launch Ebola Vaccine Trial

The Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) is set to launch clinical vaccination trials for Ebola vaccine.

Kemri Walter Reed project Kericho Senior Deputy Director Fredric Sawe said the researchers will launch the trials in June. “People were scared to travel to West Africa or to host passengers from that region. We now aim to put an end to that by launching a clinical vaccine trial of the vaccine,” said Dr Sawe …read more…

Kenya Losing Billions In Mining Cases

Endless mining court cases and unnecessary disputes are denying county and national governments billions of shillings in revenue.

Mining Cabinet Secretary Dan Kazungu noted the two levels of government and Coast residents were losing huge amounts of money from idle mines following prolonged court cases that had dragged on for years…read more…

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Hands Over Eurobond File Again

The anti-graft agency has maintained that there is no evidence of criminal culpability of any Government official in the Eurobond saga.

At the same time the Office of the Controller of Budget has clarified that the proceeds from the Eurobond were captured in its reports…read more…

Operation Linda Boni Extended Indefinitely, As 36 Are Arrested

Eight months on, security officials have declared the Boni Forest operation a success. But they are tightening border protection following the emergence of IS in Somailia

Some 36 al Shabaab members have been arrested in the Operation Linda Boni. It enters its eighth month today. The Boni Forest security operation was extended indefinitely yesterday. It was launched on September 11 last year to flush out al Shabaab terrorists launching attacks from their hideouts in the forest…read more…