Tana Daily Telegraph is an electronic news platform that intends to empower Tana River community with information from the blogging world – specifically from WordPress community of remarkable, objective, and supportive bloggers – with a view to enhancing socio-economic development within the wider community. It is, indeed, hoped that Tana River County would be able in the long run to share experiences and challenges with other communities across the globe much as adopt best practices to improve the quality of life. There is so much in terms of activities and programs that communities from Tana River can positively engage in. This site seeks to make such aspirations possible to all through use of technology.

Meanwhile, you also will find and receive constant news from infamous news outlets from around the world, including from Standard Digital RSS News Feed as well as from Feeddemon. The associated twitter handle @tanatelegraph is functional as well. Access to the twitter account could also be obtained from twitter links available at http://www.facebook.com/Chanamaro. Visit these platforms to Follow as well as Like these two accounts, respectively, for a constant stream of news updates from a wide range of disciplines including sports, entertainment, fashion, health as well as business and technology.Tana Daily Telegraph seizes this opportunity to acknowledge profound support from WordPress community of incredible bloggers, Standard Digital as well as Feeddemon for their respective services to this site.

We wish our esteemed users a memorable surfing experience.


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