Mahdi Bare

The Illusive Dambello Is Governor Hussein Dado’s ‘Bodyguard’

(Above photo is that of Mahdi Bare, Chairman, Wardei Youth)

It would be recalled that during the inter-ethnic clashes that broke out in 2013 around ozi village of Tana Delta District, one Dambello was quoted in a document entitled “Inter-Ethnic Clashes In Tana River County: The Way Forward” as being a person of interest in view of the role he played during the execution of heinous acts within the affected region. Dambello had indeed described in graphic detail events preceding the first outbreak of ethnic violence in Tana Delta District. The same illusive character had in addition issued threats of subsequent clashes within the wider Tana Delta, which threats were consequently made true. Dambello ‘the mujahideen’ had issued his ‘war briefs’ via a portal he had created at one of the popular social media platforms.

It would equally be recalled that shortly after publishing of above referenced exposé,  Dambello disenabled his social media account probably in an attempt to avoid getting apprehended by law enforcement agents for further questioning.

Amongst the issues raised relating to Dambello at the time of publishing of the inter-ethnic clashes documentation include whether law enforcement officers had succeeded to arrest him and his accomplices, and if not, an explanation from the government on the reasons for the delay to arrest, question, and possibly prosecute. The central government hasn’t responded to any of the issues relating to bringing to justice the real perpetrators of the heinous acts, including Dambello, that led to loss of life as well as loss of property around Tana Delta.

According to latest reports from reliable sources within Tana River County, Dambello’s identity appears to have been finally established. These reports indicate the illusive Dambello has been employed by the very custodian of the welfare of every tanarian residing within Tana River County. Ali Dambello (his actual names) has been identified by irrefutable sources as being the same individual  that had participated in the commission of crimes and issuance of threats to cause ‘further mayhem’ in Tana Delta District. These adverse acts followed immediately after the first attack where villages were deliberately set ablaze and razed down by fire, acts that led to an all-out escalation of atrocities in the wider Tana Delta region prior to holding of last general elections. The same reliable sources have informed that Ali Dambello, while acting as a personal bodyguard to governor Hussein Dado, recently physically assaulted one Mahdi Bare (captioned on featured photo), the Chairman of Wardei Youth in the County. The incident is reported to have occurred within County Assembly premises.

It is indeed instrumental to observe that Wardei Youth from Tana River County have strongly condemned Ali Dambello’s acts of impunity.The youth have described such acts as being ‘barbaric and uncivilized’. In addition, Wardei Youth have demanded immediate investigation into this latest act by Ali Dambello on Mahdi Bare as much as attaching an ultimatum to their demand.

Tana Daily Telegraph understands the significance and implication to the general public, welfare, and security of communities within the wider Tana River County of the demand made and the accompanying ultimatum should there be escalation of hostilities between the two clans. As a result, Tana Daily Telegraph first seizes this opportunity to condemn in the strongest terms possible acts of tyranny being meted on innocent individual residents of Tana River County by persons close to governor Hussein Dado. Tana Daily Telegraph secondly seizes this opportunity to similarly demand a comprehensive explanation relating to the circumstances under which Ali Dambello secured employment at the Tana River County government as governor Hussein Dado’s personal bodyguard. Considering unrefuted evidence linking this individual to past heinous crimes causing loss of life, mass displacement of persons, and destruction of property in various parts within the County prior to conducting of the immediate past general elections.

Tana Daily Telegraph lastly calls upon relevant authorities of the Kenya government to investigate the role played by governor Hussein Dado prior and subsequent to events laid out in the above captioned exposé.

It is our earnest expectation these issues would be addressed without any undue delay, especially in view of the ultimatum issued by Wardei Youth.


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