Nurses: Why are EMRs and Bluetooth Such Total Crap?

“…What’s your experience with Bluetooth? With electronic medical records? Let’s chat…” – original author

Psych Circus

Inferior technology offends me. With so much talent and so many miraculous tools widely available, for a company to dare to try to trick people into buying crap… I get angry just typing the words. I work in health care, so I get more than my share of forced time with inferior technology. If you’ve never used current electronic medical record technology, you simply can’t appreciate just how clumsy, how poorly arranged, how clearly obsolete it is. It’s the closest thing to time travel I’ve ever experienced. I use lots of programs and apps all the time: PC, Apple, Android, desktop, mobile. Overall, EMR programs are ten years behind the rest, and I’m being too generous. The only reason they sell at all is that most users have no say in the matter, and most buyers never have to use them. It’s a recipe for crap, and much crap has…

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